Does sleep consultant helps?

Does sleep consultant helps?

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Posted 2021-06-07 by Suefollow

Hey Mums,
I am hoping that anyone who has engaged a professional, paid sleep consultant can share their thoughts and experiences in going down this path to help their little one sleep. What exactly do they offer you that you can't get online from other resources? Did their strategies work? My husband and I have issues with our 5 MO sleep both day and night and have considered a paid professional, however when we have engaged other free services such as Ngala and the new Members Sleep Line with Tresilian via Medibank, we have been told "you're doing everything right[U 0094] and "He's just a restless sleeper[U 0094] 🤷🏻‍♀️ So you can imagine how frustrating it is to be told that but still be up 4-5 times a night as well as deal with 20-30 minute cat naps during the day. Even the consultants I have looked at have basic packages starting at around $500 so for us right now that's a lot to invest only to be told we're doing it right or not be offered anything new. Not after advice or techniques to help us, I'd just like to know if those who have gone down the road of a paid consultant found it useful. For anyone wondering below is a list of everything we already do / have tried to help improve his sleep:

  • Dark room
  • White noise
  • Ideal room temp
  • Age appropriate sleep bag
  • Follow the feed/play/sleep model with age appropriate awake windows
  • Age appropriate stimulation and play
  • Putting down with a full tummy
  • A strong bedtime routine with adequate wind down time and lots of "cues[U 0094] for sleep
  • Gentle settling if required
  • Self settle allowed when appropriate
  • Lots of outside time and fresh air
  • Identified reflux with medication to help manage

  • Despite all of the above he is still unsettled at night and only takes cat naps during the day. We feel a paid professional may be the solution but are hesitant to spend the $$ if they're not going to actually help! Anyone willing to share their experiences would definitely be appreciated in helping us make the decision. TIA Mums xx

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