So Stressed And Overwhelmed

So Stressed And Overwhelmed

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Posted 2020-04-24 by Suefollow

Hi ladies I'm not too sure what I'm looking for in this post, maybe somewhere to just speak about what's going my life has been moving quite quickly over the past few months my beautiful son has recently turned one, at the same time my husband and i have just sold our first home and are living between family to save money for another home, which during this time we have made the decision to build and have signed paperwork to vet things moving which we are both very excited about (the new home is a larger more family friendly home than our last *please don't question why we didn't buy instead of build) our new home is expected completion sometime arround christmas/start of 2021. With all this going on we have also just found out we are expecting our second baby (3 weeks along) with their expected delivery to be....December /January...the same time as the new house 😨
I'm honestly just feeling so stressed and overwhelmed by it all, I feel embarrassed that we don't have a home but are now expecting a second baby, with my whole pregnancy we will be house jumping, my son has settled into all this fine and enjoyes seeing all our family but I worry that moving house (again) and a new baby with be overwhelming for him, I'm stressing about the timing of it all...what if I have the baby before the house is built or what if when we move in the baby comes at the same time and nothing is unpacked or done. I'm just honestly shutting a brick....Im so excited about having a new baby I just feel the timing is terrible.

Ahhh, sorry this is so long and I'm sorry it makes no sense, I think I'm just feeling overwhelmed and just needed somewhere to put it out there. If you've got any words of wisdom, advice or have been in this situation before I'd love to hear from you ❤

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